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These are all natural, reclaimed and recycled fire starters and a perfect way to end a summer evening or fall night by a fit pit or campfire. Each fire starter is meant to be placed as is on a small flat piece of wood, kindling or wood shavings in a fire safe container, fire pit or fireplace. Just light the three wicks, and outer wrapping to start you fire naturally without any chemical accelerants.

All materials in each starter will burn from initial lighting. As the flames grow, place smaller twigs, sticks or small pieces of wood tented over the starter and enjoy the controlled burn. Avoid placing pieces of wood or logs on the fire starter until kindling added has caught fire and will maintain flames.

Fire Starter

PriceFrom $1.50
  • As with any fire, safety is critical. Watch and monitor your campfire and add wood as needed. Be sure to have water or a hose nearby to douse any flames or hot coals when done. If using in your fireplace or wood stove, be sure to check air flow is fully open before lighting wicks and follow directions in description. DO NOT HANDLE FIRE STARTER ONCE LIT. Ensure you are using fire safe containers.