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All natural ingredients combine to make this gentle exfoliating scrub that leaves lips/skin soft and moisturized. Some of the same skin loving ingredients as our all natural lip balm make up the nurturing oils and butters with superfine sugar as the exfoliant. Loose yourself in the buttery pumpkin and fall spices which make this scent irresistible ( it does smell yummy but only use on lips and skin, not for eating). Made with sensitive skin in mind and as few ingredients as necessary.


Use once or twice a week as needed to exfoliate lips/ skin gently. Apply a small amount to clean wet lips/skin and massage with finger tips in circular motion. When sugar crystals have dissolved rinse with cool water on soft cloth, careful to avoid eye area or rubbing too hard. Pat dry and follow up with a light moisturizer on skin or Naturally By VV’s all natural lip balms to seal in moisturizing effects of sugar scrub. Skin should feel soft and supple. If irritation occurs discontinue use.

Ingredients: superfine sugar, organic coconut oil, organic cocoa butter, mango butter, grape seed oil, vitamin E oil, essential oils.

Pumpkin Scrub

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