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This Tickless goat milk melt-and-pour soap base is infused with three essential oils to add a natural insect repellent quality.  


Tea tree (Melaleuca oil), lavender oil, and lemongrass oil are combined to create a fresh and earthy scent that seems to keep crawling critters at bay.


Originally created for my son who works outside as a stone mason and landscaper, this soap has been living up to its name.


This year seems to be the year of the tick and since he started using this soap again, his "sightings" have dramatically been reduced.


Available in regular size (3.7 oz) and travel size (2 oz).

Tickless Goat Milk Soap

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  • Helpful hint:  Melt-and-pour glycerin soaps are softer than commercially produced soap. To keep you bar lasting longer between showers, store it in a closed container or soap case.  

    On your first order of any of my glycerin based soaps, I will gift a soap container to house the bars between use to help this natural soap bar last as long as possible.

    Clear glycerin and goat milk glycerin base soaps are gentle on the skin and as a result tend to be a bit softer than commercially produced bars. 

    Keeping the bar out of a direct water stream or in a container will help to keep the bars from "sweating" away in the humidity and warmer weather.